Do you know Huckletree?
Huckletree is a pioneering workspace accelerator led by CEO and Co-Founder Gaby Hersham, and our first ever Partner Brand. In four years the HKT team have grown a diverse, disruptive community of startups, scaleups, innovation teams and global brands, based on the belief that collaboration and people drive success. We get their story, culture and vision and we make sure they bring in people who are more than just a culture-fit, but who are a culture-add. They’re growing fast across the UK. Watch this space…

How we’ve helped? Talent hiring, onboarding, culture and values.

Meet Jolt
Jolt are reinventing higher education for the next gen of workers. Prototyping? Growth Hacking? Channelling intuition? They offer innovative shared learning spaces to upskill people for the workplace of tomorrow. Sign us up! They’ve got ambitious plans in a new country and we’re with them every step of the way.

How we’ve helped? Launching into a new market including talent hiring, team development and navigating cultural nuances. We also play a key role for Roei Deutsch (Co-Founder & CEO) as a sounding board for their growth plans. He’s got our back and we have theirs.