Helping brands of the future grow

We help hustling CEOs and founding teams find the talented humans needed for their next stage of growth, and we help them design what their version of an inclusive, happy and productive culture looks like. Because growth starts with people (and unicorns are people too).

We understand how to make your brand a culture and community not just a product.

We’re not traditional recruiters and we’re not therapists, we’re somewhere in between.

What We Do


and Hiring


Grow brand to reach
company and
individual potential


People and culture
needs (including the
boring parts)


Connect you to a
community of experts,
coaches and resources

Places We Cover




For Talent

First up, we think you’re excellent! You’ve got talents, unique experiences, different points of view, big potential (and considering you found us on this page we gather you’re curious too). The good news is we work exclusively with brands that value bringing all those qualities and your whole self to the table, to the party, to the coding room. We don’t partner with any brand who isn’t aligned to the more open evolution of work.

Finding meaningful work

We’ll work with you to find meaningful work, and support you with all the messy, awkward questions you might have along the way and well after your first day.

We’ll help you:

  • Tell your authentic whole story including confidentiality sharing your talents, ideas and experiences
  • Know your game and research up on brands of the future
  • Find what fulfilling work and conditions uniquely look like for you
  • Negotiate for what you need, like a pro
  • Overcome day one and year one anxieties (we’ve been there)