We’re a culture company made up of founders, self-starters and Futurists on the same path as you. We’re going to change how the world manages work, people and culture.


We built Black Unicorn because people are burning out, doing work they’re not passionate about for companies that don’t move society forward.


We’ve worked in corporates, early-stage startups and growth stage startups (including brands expanding internationally), so we’ve lived through all the real struggles of hiring, developing and holding onto amazing people. We’ve also seen how hard it is for futurists and the creators of ‘different’ to find their tribe.


So we got our minds together to design a new blueprint of work that will move the world forward. Because we believe there’s a link between using your talent and brainpower for good, and being happy while doing it.



We want to create
spaces where
everyone can win


We stand for and with
potential and new and
different ways of thinking


We will always be for
humans above the


We want you to be you
and bring your total self,
just as we do


We put the future and
a progressive mindset
over the past


We approach every situation
with an open mind to find or
create a solution that fits


We give the necessary lift
and can be provocative when
needed to make you “go for it”


We will always be
upfront and real in
everything we do


At the beginning of my professional life, I flirted with a career as a corporate lawyer. It was my “best option”. Fortunately, I realised very quickly that I wasn’t born to do things that mean nothing to me.

What I was taught was the “dream job” meant working 70-hour weeks for the type of company I felt didn’t add value to society, meant pretending to be a version of myself that fitted in with people I wouldn’t choose to spend time with and meant being in a workplace that wasn’t designed for me to learn the breadth and depth of things that would engage me.

Rewind a couple of years. Whilst looking for a summer job as a Paralegal, I met a Recruitment Consultant who shared their belief that I should consider a career that better used my gifts and in which I’d be happier but I was still indoctrinated enough to ignore that advice. Some growing up and a taste of corporate lawyer life was needed for me to unlearn that indoctrination.

That Recruiter I had met a couple of years earlier started their own recruitment company, believed I could be great at recruitment and wanted me to be their first hire. This was an opportunity to build something completely new. I knew how it felt not to be your whole self at work and found purpose in guiding people to work where they could be happy. I curated the cohort of brands I secured as clients ensuring they were ones the humans I recruited for them could bring their whole selves to and coworking was the main industry I carved a niche in.

My attempts to secure a well known coworking brand as a client soon turned to them making me an offer to join them and lead Talent in their markets outside The Americas.Time for a new challenge! It was there I learned what it was to be part of and build a startup brand with a clear and inspiring mission beyond making money and with values that informed the culture we were building. Before long, I was being approached about opportunities to take on People Operations leadership roles elsewhere. I had become more than the coworking guy; I was the guy brands work with to build and cultivate culture that reflects and compliments their brands. My conversations with these brands made clear that I was part of a small number of people they believed could deliver this essential need.

I researched further and discovered that an entire cohort of startup brands were choosing good, had visionary founders whose experiences informed how they could do more than sell products and services but use their unique sauce to build community amongst people whose experiences resonate with theirs. I realised that my purpose was to do even more, I could guide people to work that also moved the world forward at these Brands of the Future.

I founded Black Unicorn to inspire work that moves the world forward and to build a tribe of people whose curiosity means we can build a blueprint of work that continues to evolve so we all win. We’re here to support our tribe so this isn’t just a phase but a wave that becomes the new norm. But I also founded BU for me. For BU to be what I needed but never had.

Jason Touray, Founder & CEO of Black Unicorn