The Tricks to Negotiating Your Salary Like a Pro

Negotiation. We all know how important it is. And yet data shows that only 34% of women negotiated their last salary and just 50.4% of BAME people have EVER negotiated a salary. So, what gives? And how can we start channelling that white male privilege like the rent is due tonight?  Take it from us:…

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The 5 Career Mistakes That Made Me More Successful

By Bianca Bass… I’ve interned at Vogue, been featured as a marketing expert on Forbes, built global audiences, and delivered talks at Google. I’ve also made a lot of mistakes. All of them have made me more successful. Here, I’m sharing a few of my favourites as a reminder to always, always think longer-term. Bigger picture. You’ve got this.

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The Truths About Being Mixed Race In The Workplace

By Jamie Harris, VP, Operations at Black Unicorn… Data shows that mixed race employees are specifically lacking role models at work. I should know. Being racially ambiguous-looking has made me work harder, reflect more and, eventually, stop settling for less. Here’s how you, as an employer or colleague, can help other mixed race people do…

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