Our New Normal: A Post-Thanos Snap World

Our Founder and CEO, Jason has written a post about how in only a few days, he went from starting a holiday in Colombia to parachuting back into London amidst the New Normal we’re all currently living in. Life comes at us fast but also gives you perspective and he shares his in this piece. We hope you enjoy his take and sharing of his experience and would love to hear from you and how you’ve been affected. Stay safe.

Workplace Culture: When It Gets Carried ‘Away’​

The exposé on Away’s workplace culture happened and a lot of things were said. Not a lot of what was said got to the heart of the issue though. JT had a lot of thoughts on this as well as other companies in the spotlight for their workplace culture. “Sooo since it’s kinda my bag, I wrote a word (or 2,000) tackling it.” Check it out and head over to LinkedIn to share your thoughts in the comments section.